Welcome to the international cross cultural festival of dance, music, poetry, visual and performing arts!


We are delighted to announce the 2nd Baltic Art Form Festival which will take place on 3rd - 5th June, 2016 in London.

This year we are showcasing the most cutting-edge art performances from Baltic region along with British collaborators. London’s historical and cultural settings provide the backdrop to enjoy a vast variety of arts from music and dance to cinematic and immersive experiences.

The summer is almost upon us and for the second year Baltic Art Form festival presents a glorious line-up of star-filled events for you!


What's on:


SIGNET GALLERY EVENING - Friday, 3rd of June, 2016

An immersive theatrical experience celebrating ancient Baltic traditions will launch an exhibition of paintings by Aimee Birnbaum RI.


BALTIC GALA NIGHT - Saturday, 4th of June, 2016

Baltic Gala Night will be the major evening of the festival. The list of performers includes but is not limited to Analema Group, Klaudia Wittman, Platon Buravicky, dancers from Rambert and Ruta Vitkauskaite.  The event will be closed by our special guest Ulrich Schnauss.                                      

BALTIC ART MOVIES NIGHT - Sunday, 5th of June, 2016 

The Movie night will repeat the success of the last year and bring together historical and contemporary shorts from a range of Baltic States.