• St Sepulchre's Church (map)
  • Holborn Viaduct
  • London EC1A 2DQ
  • UK

Hosted in an atmospheric church in the heart of Holborn Viaduct Baltic Gala Night will be the major evening of the festival. It will feature the whole range of arts and performances, from classical and electronic music, to contemporary dance and immersive participatory experiences.

Don’t miss it out, and we are looking forward to see you there!

Tickets are on sale: http://www.wegottickets.com/event/361288



PLATON BURAVICKY - Award-winning Latvian musician and composer, and a permanent resident of our festival, will present a piano piece specially composed for the festival.

RUTA VITSKAUSKAITE - Lithuanian composer, winner of the 2016 Lithuanian Golden Cross Award for the Stage for her opera “Confessions”. Ruta will bring on stage one of her immersive participatory experiences.

STEN HEINOJA - an award-winning Estonian piano player, will demonstrate a good technique, sensibility and emotional intelligence performing a special classical musical piece.

ARETAS BOTYRIUS and BETTI RACZ - Lithuanian pianist and Hungarian violist, will treat public with classical music peace.

RICK FEDS - Latvian musician and composer, will present his award-winning immersive audiovisual electronic art piece.

KLAUDIA WITTMANN - London based dance performance artist, originally from Germany, will treat audience with outstanding dance part.

Dancers from RAMBERT - 'Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do'. Voltaire
RIFT was inspired by an old advert from Denmark that illustrated the fatal consequences of not wearing a seat belt whilst driving. The dancers explore the unshakeable sense of guilt a death can have on the conscience, creating rifts in body, soul, time and place. Choreographed by Simone Damberg Wurtz, performed by start from Rambert Daniel Davidson and Edit Domoszlai.

ANALEMA GROUP - The art collective Analema Group presents the participatory sound and visual performance KIMA, exploring common roots of the Baltic languages through a multi-lingual poem by Evgenia Emets and a composition created in collaboration with Ben Zucker, performed by the audience and a choir (presented by Kate Smith, Mārtiņš Baumanis and Uran Apak).

ULRICH SCHNAUSS - London based composer who grew up in Kiel at the Baltic Sea coast. Besides his solo releases he is known for remixing artists as diverse as Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys or Coldplay and also joined legendary German electronic band Tangerine Dream in 2014. Ulrich's performance will be dedicated to his Baltic upbringing - accompanied by visuals courtesy of Nat Urazmetova.

Performances are going to be accompanied by live musicpainting of MARYLEEN SCHILTKAMP and life sculptures of SVETLANA K-LIE