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by Aimee Birnbaum RI

Exhibition of paintings by Aimee Birnbaum RI, inspired by the indigenous pagan religion of the Baltic peoples.

The ancient deities of the Balts promoted harmony with Nature, and reigned when humans revered and respected the earth. Aimee’s paintings pay homage to a time when people lived in friendly kinship with bees and the sacred was invited into everyday life. Trees were venerated. Fire was revered.

PRIVATE VIEW: 3rd June, 2016 6pm-10pm.

An immersive theatrical experience celebrating ancient Baltic traditions with Marta Hermida, actor, as the goddess Austeja; original music and rituals to awaken the soul by Lithuanian composer, Ruta Vitkauskaite.


MARTA HERMIDA - actor, currently starring on Channel 5 "Henry VIII and his wives". 

RUTA VITSKAUSKAITE - Lithuanian composer, winner of the 2016 Lithuanian Golden Cross Award for the Stage for her opera “Confessions”.

Works of Aimee Birnbaum will be exhibited in the Gallery from 1st of June to 5th of June.